Elsker-S.T. Bende

I am usually unable to engage with books about gods (Percy Jackson will forever remain on my TBR pile), but this one definitely caught my attention. Not only did it catch my attention, but it stole a full night of sleep from me because I ended up bingeing this triology (*oops*). Now, I am a sucker for Norse god literature thanks to S.T. Bende.

After living out her life in Nehalem, Oregon, Kristia Tostenson decides that she needs a new adventure, especially after the death of her Mormor. She trades her cold, rainy town for the beauty of Cardiff University in Wales and comes face to face with a “blond Adonis” by the name of Ull Myhr. Ull has a secret that spans centuries–he is an honest to goodness Norse god– and his fate is destined to end at Ragnarok. Ull is a fighter though and does not accept this fate, especially if it means that he will be separated from his fated love, Kristia. But Kristia has her own secret, and maybe the visions that she has been having are the key to stopping Ragnarok once and for all.

~rate: 5★~

I am in love with S.T. Bende’s writing. She writes in a manner that is deep and focused to where the reader forgets that they are holding a book and instead believe that they are in the world with the characters. She adds just enough character/romantic conflict to keep it interesting without causing the drama to be the center of the plot or the characters to have no development. Kristia is strongly written and while she does have intentionally created flaws, she is not the annoying heroine that either needs to be saved or is too strong to ask for help. Bende’s characters are almost human-like with their mannerisms and desires and their motivations. I cannot recommend this book more or commend Bende more highly for her remarkable Elsker series.

Happy Reading,
~The Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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