Prime Prophecy Series

Shy and soft-spoken Eden St. James starts at a new high school, determined to keep a low profile…until her eyes collide with eyes the shade of a seamless summer sky.

Unsure of why she has such a deep connection with the kind, but mysterious Noah, Eden tries to run away from these new feelings as Noah desperately tries to unweave the enigma that is Eden. But this connection has been prophesied since before they took their first breaths.

As secrets are revealed and identities laid bare, Eden must decide whether she will continue to keep her heart locked away, or risk it all for the man who vows to protect her with his life.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well-written, soft YA books are my happy place. I could just snuggle in my bed with a cup of hot chocolate as the rain pours down with a good, soft, romantic fantasy book in my hands. However, none embodies this feeling better than The Prime Prophecy series by Tamar Sloan.

I love how healthy this relationship was portrayed and how it was formed. There was no struggle for who was the “Alpha” in the relationship, no unnecessary drama, and no toxically overprotective male or passively jealous female. Eden, yes, had faults, but we see in the first book how she is slowly beginning to outgrow her insecurities and tap into her inner strength and confidence. Noah physically became who he was destined to be, and showed resilience with respect toward his father (the Alpha) as he decided to follow what his soul was telling him.

“Noah, you are the one person that can hurt me the most.”

I stroke one thumb across her soft cheek. “I’m the one person you can trust to keep you safe.”

– Tamar Sloan

There was the perfect balance of conflict and resolution without becoming stale. The characters supported each other and grew together, and the author did not forget to show development even in the secondary characters as well! Too often we see the author forget about the secondary characters or believe them to be flawless already.

This love story formed naturally and in a way that just made me as a reader sigh with happiness when I turned the final page of the last book. I have so much respect for Tamar Sloan as such a remarkably talented author and cannot wait to see her next work.

Happy Reading,
~ The Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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