Wolfish Charms

Vivian James has been seeing ghosts since she could remember, until one night, they disappeared with the death of the only family member that she had left. Gaining visions of the future and a handsome gangster by the name of Argus Ward by her side, she will stop at nothing to get revenge and find the beast. But will love distract her from her goal?

Thank you Jenna Collett for my first ARC book in exchange for an honest review!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jenna Collett has done it again. This book was absolutely phenomenal and better than the first book in the series, Spellbound After Midnight, which I did not think was possible! Tessa and Derrick from the first book were still large characters, but I fell in love with Vivian and Argus. I usually cannot get into fairytale retellings but Jenna Collett made me not want to put this book down (I accidentally lost a full night of sleep thanks to this book). The plot was wonderfully surprising with unexpected plot twists which served to enhance character progression while remaining believable. There were no plotholes that I could note and there was just enough left for a continuation of the series. All in all this book is now on my favorites shelf and I am a Jenna Collett fan for life!

“Ghosts were funny things. Somethings they were people who were lost or had something left undone. Other times, they were places with memories that haunted you. Both needed to be set free.”

-Jenna Collett, Wolfish Charms

Happy Reading,
~the Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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