Both of her parents are dead and her bright and sunny San Diego is far behind her. Grace is sent to live with her uncle and her cousin at the Katmere Academy deep in remote Alaska. Little does she know, the Katmere Academy is home to the young supernatural. Witch, shapeshifter, and vampire cliches make up this reclusive boarding school and her presence is not welcome by all. But as war looms at the edges of the relationships between the supernatural races, it becomes clear that Grace was not sent here for her safety. She was brought to be the bait. As Grace attempts to survive this academy, she finds her loyalties divided. She must decide where to place her trust…and her heart.

Fans of Twilight, Vampire Academy, and the Harry Potter series will want to take a bite out of this new series!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The storyline forms in a suspenseful manner and develops intuitively throughout the novel. Wolff’s expert writing shines through as the reader is kept wondering about what will happen next. The beginning chapters serve as a means to bond with Grace and experience first-hand the off-putting atmosphere that surrounds this academy as Grace does not comprehend the danger that she has gotten herself into. The later chapters connect the reader to the characters in a more profound way that will stick with them long after the book has ended and leave them desperately wanting to know the outcome. Additionally providing the alternative point of view at the end of the book shows just how much the readers (and the main character) missed behind the chilling earlier scenes.

“Deep down, I am not different from you. I dreamed you, I wished for your existence.”

-Tracy Wolff, Crave

The characters themselves were believable and genuine. Grace was adequately “fragile” for being a human without being weak. She additionally is strong, passionate but also endearingly human in her motivations. The reader’s heart will ache with the losses that she has but celebrate with her small victories. Jaxon is the definition of a misunderstood bad boy but underneath that cold, somewhat frightening exterior is a broken, scared boy that clicks so perfectly with our kind and innocent Grace. Each character contributes something meaningful and intentional to the plot.

Let me make something clear. This book is not Twilight. The plot is completely different, the characters are completely different, and the writing is completely different. This book is infinitely better. Some complaints about this book are that all of the boys fall for Grace similar to that Twilight. The important distinction between the boys of Twilight and the boys of Crave is that the boys in Crave all want something from Grace and use Grace for their own factions’ goals. It is not actually insta-love or insta-lust.

Now that that is cleared up, I love this book with all of my being. I love the twists that Wolff brings to the supernatural world to spice up a familiar plot and make it her own. I love the humanity that is shown in these characters and the harsh realities that they face. I love that my heart was racing during parts of this book because I was feeling what the characters were feeling. I absolutely, positively cannot recommend this book enough. 

Follow Tracy Wolff’s website here for her new releases (Crush, the next book is released September 29, 2020!) and places where her book is available!

Happy Reading,
~the Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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