The Relentless Series

Sara Grey found her father murdered when she was only seven years old. Ten years later, she has an undying need for justice, a voice in the back of her mind, and a gift for healing that is just one of the many secrets that she holds dear. When she stumbles across the world of demons and finds herself targeted, it is going to take the Morhiri warriors to protect her. Only…what if Sara isn’t as human as she has been led to believe?

Fans of the Percy Jackson series, Crave, and the Vampire Academy will devour this series!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The first book is rather slow in development, but when looking at the series holistically this needed to be done to lay the foundation for this complexly created world and new supernatural species. The other books in the series make up for this with their unexpected plot twists that captivate the reader and enthrall them until the end. Additionally, any questions that the reader is left with in Book 3 are all answered in Book 4 which is centered on Nikolas’ perspective over the last three books. Lynch does such a wonderful job in the second book to boost the plot and create some tangible action and the beginning of a breathtaking romance.

This should have been the first series that I recommended to you all. I was waiting for a good time to post about this book and then realized that all that I was doing was depriving you of one of the best-written series that I have ever read. Lynch absolutely has made me a super fan and I cannot wait to read the rest of her series and continue to follow the stories of Sara’s friends.

Happy Reading,
~The Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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