It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

Sometimes you have everything and you are blissfully happy and content. You love your life and are satisfied to continue this seemingly perfect moment in your life.

Sometimes in an instant, it’s all gone. Your knight in shining armor turns out to be a deceptive dragon, or your seemingly bright and silver future suddenly is only worth the same as a piece of dull aluminum.

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You become scared and lost and all your heart feels is hollow yet aching for what could have been. During this moment all that you’re left with is a handful of shattered dreams and prayers that you could just go numb to the world and the hurt…

However, these are the moments where you have two choices.

Option One: sit and wallow in a pile of soggy tissues~letting the situation control and break you…become bitter and miss the lies of the past. *not entirely productive*

Option Two: you could pick yourself up, be thankful that you were given the opportunity to work on yourself and your faith, and move forward without looking back. During this time you are able to temporarily lean on those who in this very moment show their loyalty and love.

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Lovelies, you are allowed to sit and wallow for a small amount of time…just don’t sit long enough to grow roots in your sadness. No good plot was made from the princess sitting around waiting to be saved. Acknowledge what happened, and learn from the lesson, but don’t give power to the situation that almost broke you. Instead, be empowered by your reaction to this moment in your life and how you fought to fall in love with yourself again. the best thing is–these heartaches and disappointments will someday be unexpected blessings that will shape you into the ferocious warrior (or kind-hearted pixie) that you were meant to become!

Remember…in the best books, the hero was broken to where they didn’t think they could carry on. Root for yourself like you would cheer on your favorite character. Because eventually…you will be someone’s favorite character in this beautiful, messy and bittersweet story that you are creating.

Happy Reading,
~The Brown-Eyed Bookaholic

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