Chapter 3~It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way

Sometimes you have everything and you are blissfully happy and content. You love your life and are satisfied to continue this seemingly perfect moment in your life. Sometimes in an instant it’s all gone. Your knight in shining armor turns out to be a deceptive dragon, or your seemingly bright and silver future suddenly is only worth the same as a piece of dull aluminum.... However these are the moments where you have two choices.

The Relentless Series-Karen Lynch

Sara Grey found her father murdered when she was only seven years old. Ten years later, she has an undying need for justice, a voice in the back of her mind, and a gift for healing that is just one of her many secrets that she holds dear. When she stumbles across the world of …

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Crave-Tracy Wolff

Both of her parents are dead and her bright and sunny San Diego is far behind her. Grace is sent to live with her uncle and her cousin at the Katmere Academy deep in the remote Alaska. Little does she know, the Katmere Academy is home to the young supernatural. Witch, shapeshifter, and vampire cliches …

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